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  1. 07:23Web Database Applications with PHP

Author / ReadersTop10 Perl/PHP/Python eBooks:

  1. 978Programming Python 3rd ed.
  2. 880Practical PHP and MySQL: Building Eight Dynamic Web Applications
  3. 856Advanced PHP Programming
  4. 845[share_ebook] about 90 Python ebooks
  5. 819[share_ebook] 1800 PHP Scripts Collection
  6. 799AJAX and PHP: Building Responsive Web Applications
  7. 791PHP Professional Projects
  8. 787PHP 5 Unleashed
  9. by Matt Zandstra / 756[request_ebook] PHP 5 Objects, Patterns, and Practice
  10. 755ZEND PHP Certification

Added TimeLatest Added Perl/PHP/Python eBooks:

  1. 2019-10-14Data Science with Python: Combine Python with machine learning principles to discover hidden patterns in raw data 2019
  2. 2019-10-14Building Android Apps in Python Using Kivy with Android Studio: With Pyjnius, Plyer, and Buildozer 2019
  3. 2019-10-12Introducing MySQL Shell: Administration Made Easy with Python 2019
  4. 2019-10-09Practical Data Science with Python 3: Synthesizing Actionable Insights from Data 2019
  5. 2019-09-14Udemy - Advanced REST APIs with Flask and Python
  6. 2019-08-25Udemy - Learn Python and Django; Payment Processing
  7. 2019-07-15BeepMusic
  8. 2019-06-07Data Analysis and Visualization Using Python: Data Analysis and Visualization Using Python for programmer
  9. 2019-06-04Python, PyGame, and Raspberry Pi Game Development
  10. 2019-05-25Udemy - 2019 AWS SageMaker and Machine Learning - With Python
  11. 2019-05-20Udemy - Apache Spark 2.0 Python : DO Big Data Analytics & ML
  12. 2019-05-11Udemy - Learn Programming in Python With the Power of Animation
  13. by ebook / 2019-05-07Python Data Analytics: Data Analysis and Science using pandas, matplotlib and the Python Programming Language
  14. by tutorial / 2019-05-07Udemy - Python 3 Programming: Beginner to Pro Masterclass
  15. 2019-05-06Coffee Break Python: 50 Workouts to Kickstart Your Rapid Code Understanding in Python
  16. 2019-05-06Python Crash Course, 2nd Edition
  17. 2018-11-16Udemy - Advanced Python for IoT & IoT Based Data Analysis
  18. 2018-07-28Daniel Arbuckle's Mastering Python
  19. 2018-07-28Python Programming Blueprints; Build nine projects by leveraging powerful frameworks such as Flask, Nameko, and Django
  20. by pdf / 2018-07-26Python Testing with pytest; Simple, Rapid, Effective, and Scalable
  21. by epub / 2018-07-20How to train your Python; A hilarious way of learning to code with Python
  22. by epub, mobi / 2018-05-13Sams Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL and Apache All in One, 5th Edition
  23. by epub / 2018-04-11Advanced PHP for Web Professionals
  24. by EPUB / 2018-03-03PHP Persistence; Concepts, Techniques and Practical Solutions with Doctrine
  25. by (PDF, EPUB) / 2018-02-22Learn Data Analysis with Python; Lessons in Coding
  26. 2017-07-24RabbitMQ Essentials
  27. 2017-07-08Rapid Python Programming
  28. 2017-07-08Python: Python Programming Language for Beginners
  29. 2014-06-04Douglas Paterson, "Building Websites with PHP-Nuke"
  30. 2014-05-30Laravel Lessons: Clean and Classy PHP Framework
  31. 2014-04-08Udemy - Multi page online form with PHP, MySQL and Session Variables
  32. 2014-04-03Lynda com PHP for Web Designers-ELOHiM
  33. 2014-03-20PHP eBooks Collection [PDF]
  34. 2014-03-186.00SC Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python 2011
  35. 2013-12-16php|architect's Guide to Programming with Magento
  36. 2013-12-16Core Web Application Development with PHP and MySQL
  37. 2013-12-16PHP and MySQL: Create - Modify - Reuse
  38. 2013-12-14Ruby on Rails For Dummies
  39. 2013-12-14Beginning PHP 6, Apache, MySQL 6 Web Development
  40. 2013-12-14Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP: A Developer's Guide to SEO


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